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 The MacDonald Safety Corridor Protocol

Edmonton, AB, June 22nd, 2024.

Dr. Don and Brandi MacDonald Present 


To take Level 3, Doctors must either completed Level 1, are current members of "The Informed Chiropractor mentorship group," or have attended our emergency program.

Saturday, June 22nd- MacDonald Safety Corridor Protocol Level 3

Join us, Dr. Don MacDonald and Brandi MacDonald, for the next level of our transformative series: The Level 3 Seminar of The MacDonald Safety Corridor Protocol. This advanced-level program is designed for Chiropractors seeking to harmonize traditional chiropractic principles with the insights of the polyvagal theory, specifically focusing on the nuanced care of "The Protected Extremities."

  • Advanced Adjustment Techniques: Master the art of adjusting the protected extremities with precision and care, enhancing your ability to address common yet challenging conditions that impact these critical body areas.

  • Fascia-Focused Approaches: Expand your understanding and skill set when working with fascia. When assessing cranial bones, we dive into techniques for addressing fascial restrictions throughout the body and the often-overlooked scalp fascia.

  • Polyvagal Theory Integration: Learn how to apply polyvagal theory principles in your chiropractic practice, using our protocol to create a safe and nurturing environment for healing. This approach helps regulate the patient's nervous system, promoting safety and enabling more effective adjustments.

  • Hands-On Practice: Engage in intensive, hands-on sessions to apply your knowledge to peers, receiving real-time feedback from Dr. Don MacDonald and Brandi MacDonald. This practical experience is invaluable in refining your technique and building confidence in your practice.


Day Agenda

9:00-10:30- Introductions, Shoulder Anatomy review, analysis, adjusting, and fascia
10:30-10:45- Break
10:45-12:00- Knee anatomy review, analysis, adjusting, and fascia
12:00 PM-1:15 PM- LUNCH ON OWN.
1:15-2:30- wrists and ankle, anatomy, analysis, adjusting, and fascia
2:30-2:45- BREAK
2:45-4:30- Cranials and scalp fascia

Dr. Emir Lervy, Ireland

I would say it’s a more in-depth way of assessing and adjusting - using modified adjustments which will enhance the ones we already use in practice. I believe if more of us adjust like this we will have a much more relaxed community

Dr. Tanya Chambers, Canada

This is an excellent protocol that works perfectly in line with a principled Chiropractic approach to assessing the spine and nervous system. The enhancements of this protocol can apply to any technique, and the intertwined polyvagal approach makes sense - physiologically and anatomically. This is one of the most patient-centered approach I’ve seen.

Dr. Sharon Dongarra, USA

What an incredible weekend! Learning, hands-on mentorship, and community. It doesn't get any better. I do not doubt that I'm a better chiropractor after this experience. Thank you to the MacDonalds, who consistently over-deliver.

MacDonald Safety Corridor Level 3 in Edmonton, Alberta

Saturday, June 22nd

$550 Canadian

DOCTOR $550 Canadian

No Refunds Very Limited Seating


Dr. Estelle Zauner Maughan, UK

Taking part in this protocol and learning how to put my adjustments together so my clients can integrate in a neurologically safer way is a game changer. My communication has changed, and my outcomes are improving. Every chiropractor should have an understanding of this in daily life and practice.

Dr. Matthew Bortolussi, Canada

The MacDonald Safety Corridor Protocol Level 1 Seminar provides an effective combination of teaching the concepts of polyvagal theory in relation to chiropractic, and then how those concepts can be applied clinically for better patient care. The teaching of groundwork understanding supports certainty while the practical skills help make it all happen in the real world.

Dr. Petrice Foxworthy, USA

This protocol allows the practitioner to really tune into their patient's body and nervous system, creating a felt sense of safety for the patient and, as a result, more ease for the patient.


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