We help Chiropractors shift their practice away from treating pain to optimizing function and vitality by regulating the nervous system through a polyvagal lens.

Vitality Shift

is a husband and wife team dedicated to helping chiropractors go from treating pain to doing so much more in chiropractic care. Together, they’re committed to bridging the gap between your current approaches to patient care – with your transition toward improving patients’ overall function and vitality.
The Vitality Shift Difference
They know just how frustrating it can be to effectively communicate what you do. Like you, they understand that chiropractors have the skillsets to do more than treat pain. But it can be a challenge to measure total wellness results and convey them to potential new patients.
Their central goal through their chiropractic coaching is to provide you with strategies that are easy to implement with confidence . . . so you can grow your practice and help your patients thrive.

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Meet The Team

Meet the dynamic duo who created the Vitality Shift: Husband-and-wife team, Dr. Don MacDonald and Brandi MacDonald. Having worked side-by-side for years, they’ve combined their unique talents to deliver a premier coaching group matched with live programs for chiropractors.

Dr. Don MacDonald, known by his patients as “Dr. Don,” graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1997 and runs an active practice in addition to mentoring chiropractors. But before he began coaching, he was struggling to hire the right team, and his practice was starting to suffer, and that is how their story began. 

They embarked on a quest to unlock the uncharted realms of chiropractic wisdom and innovation, aiming to bring a  shift in how chiropractic care is perceived and practiced. This journey led to the birth of The Vitality Shift, a paradigm that speaks volumes about transformation and evolution in chiropractic.

Dr. Don, a chiropractic maestro with a relentless passion for learning, felt a palpable disconnect between the theoretical intricacies and the real-world applicability of the numerous chiropractic seminars and chiropractic education he received. His unique, laid-back communicative approach seemed incompatible with the prevalent strategies, leaving a craving for more congenial methodologies. This thirst for transformative knowledge paved the way for Brandi, his wife, to become his office manager, creating change and exponential growth. With Brandi's innovative approach, they witnessed a tripling of business within 18 months, garnering the curiosity of fellow chiropractors wanting to understand the secret behind this explosive growth.

United in passion, vision, and marriage, Dr. Don and Brandi molded The Vitality Shift. It's not merely a method—a revolution, a versatile and adaptable system that any chiropractor, regardless of their distinctive personality style, can seamlessly integrate into their practice. It's a culmination of extensive research, profound neurological insights, and transformative personal development strategies designed to usher in a new era of chiropractic excellence.

Introducing The MacDonald Safety Corridor Protocol:

Our journey of innovation continued. We've created the MacDonald Safety Corridor Protocol, a ground-breaking approach focusing on the core principles of Vitality and Chiropractic principles intertwined with the intricate layers of the Polyvagal theory. This protocol is a beacon for chiropractors seeking to deepen their understanding and elevate their practice, offering a treasure trove of knowledge and practical wisdom.


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Meet Brandi MacDonald

Brandi MacDonald is the owner of True Concepts Inc. and True Concepts Seminars. She delivers specialization in educating doctors and Chiropractic Assistants on spreading the word of chiropractic through Universal Principles.

She is an internationally renowned speaker, author, and coach who was highlighted on the Dr. Phil show for the transformation of her health and life change through chiropractic care. Brandi has spent her career learning the complexities of chiropractic in an effort to simplify the message to the masses.

Known today as a "transformer" because of her unrivaled communication skills, Brandi clarifies the complexity of chiropractic in a simple, easy-to-understand manner so people can understand their potential through chiropractic care.

Embark on a Journey with Us:

At the heart of The Vitality Shift, we delve deep into salutogenic chiropractic, focusing intensively on subluxation-centered methods and neurologically-based approaches. Our methodologies are for those who aspire to transcend conventional bounds and elevate their practices to new pinnacles of excellence.

Discover Our Model in Three Transformative Steps:

  1. Engage in Collective Wisdom: Enlist in the Informed Chiropractor group mentorship. Dive into a reservoir of shared knowledge, synergistic learning, and collective empowerment, fueling your journey to chiropractic mastery.
  2. Immerse in Online Enlightenment: Discover the Vitality Shift Online Program, a digital platform offering chiropractic insights, strategies, and revolutionary approaches through communication and objective measures. 
  3. Experience Intensive Mastery: Participate in one of our specialized live events focusing on the "MacDonald Safety Corridor Protocol" or delve deep in our Polyvagal Team Bootcamp. Elevate your skills, ignite your passion, and redefine your chiropractic journey through hands-on learning and experiential wisdom.

Unlock the True Value of Your Practice:

It's time to unfold the potential of measuring profound results and showcasing the unparalleled value you bring to the world of chiropractic. Witness the transformative power of The Vitality Shift through the polyvagal lens, enabling you to elevate your practice while imprinting it with your unique, authentic essence.

Discover the transformative elegance of enhanced chiropractic care, embrace the innovative spirit of The Vitality Shift, and join us in reimagining the boundaries of chiropractic brilliance!

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Fun Facts

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Brandi and Dr. Don met in a bar

The story of how Dr. Don and Brandi met was quite funny.   Dr. Don had just opened his office and was out with some friends and met Brandi working at a country bar.  She was working on the weekends for some extra money to subsidize her teaching job.   The initial encounter was quite a shock to Dr. Don when she proceeded to say Chiropractors were fake doctors.  The conversations continued and the night ended with Dr. Don giving her a business card his mother made up on a computer with perforated edges.  It was an unlikely start but a great ending

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Brandi and Dr. Don do not have children

The decision to not have children was a mutual decision, especially with how passionate they have both been about Chiropractic.  They have spent over 15 years either traveling the world attending and speaking at seminars or working in their practice in Edmonton, Alberta called South Side Chiropractic.  Even though Brandi and Dr. Don do not have children they do have a dog name lux, and he is their baby.

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Brandi and Dr. Don love to golf

Dr. Don knew that the only way not to get in trouble for golfing from your wife is to make sure she is with you.  So when they first got married he got Brandi golf lessons.  From that time forward they have loved getting out and playing.  They both use to own a place at a beautiful golf course called Predator Ridge in British Columbia for over 10 years and golfed every summer.  They ending up selling that place as they were spending so much time traveling around the world speaking and attending seminars.  Due to the Pandemic and the decrease in their amount of travel they have been back at golf and are enjoying it tremendously. 

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