Explore the World of the Polyvagal Theory through a Chiropractic Lens!

Elevate your practice with the science of connection—see how understanding the nervous system can transform your adjusting technique, patient care, and business dynamics!


Discover how to help patients optimize function while improving their vitality . . . and STOP just treating pain!

Welcome to the Polyvagal Shift.  Threading the Blend of Chiropractic and Polyvagal Principles Throughout Chiropractors Adjusting Techniques and Offices.


Unleash the Full Potential of Your Practice!

Whether you’re a devotee of vitalistic, neurologically-based, or salutogenic chiropractic, our meticulously crafted programs are the catalysts you’ve been seeking to elevate your adjusting skills and revitalize your practice! It’s a new dawn, where measuring transformative changes and showcasing the unparalleled value you bring is not just a vision but a reality!

Delve Deep & Discover!

Embark on a journey to articulate the essence and value of what you do with precision and passion. Learn to intertwine powerful, safe communication and adjustment strategies, viewing them through the enlightening polyvagal lens harmonized with our foundational Chiropractic Principles.

Personalized Path to Mastery!

Our model is not just a system; it’s a canvas where you can paint your practice with unique, authentic strokes, authentically elevating it. These are not just tools but keys to unlocking realms of ease and health, allowing you to master the art of improving neuroregulation.

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The Vitality Shift Program

The Polyvagal Team Event in

  • Saskatoon, Canada, March 16th, 2024
  • Sydney, Australia, June 1st, 2024

Chiropractors and their teams assemble! Immerse yourselves in the Chiropractic Principles and Polyvagal Theory union, master the art of elevated care, and practice growth!

  • Deepen the understanding and application of polyvagal principles among your team, crafting more tailored and impactful care.
  • Forge a shared language and framework, understanding the nervous system's profound impact on patient care and fostering consistent, quality care.
  • Register today whether you are a team of 1 or 10.
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Level 1 of the MacDonald Safety Corridor Protocol in Denver, Colorado

• Saturday, May 4th, 2024 "The MacDonald Safety Corridor Protocol, Level 1".  Chiropractic adjusting through a polyvagal lens.  Learn enhancements that help nervous system regulation.  This enhancement is suitable as a compliment to any Chiropractic adjusting technique. 

  • This cutting-edge seminar provides a framework for understanding how the nervous system functions in states of safety and threat and how to adjust in presence and intent as an enhancement to simply following predetermined indicators.
  • Assessing and adjusting the upper six ribs. Focus on the first rib and its relationship to the Ventral vagal complex and the "threat" response.
  • Assessing and adjusting the Lower six ribs, focusing on the diaphragm, viscera, and its relationship to the dorsal vagal complex.
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Sydney, Australia, two-day Polyvagal Extravaganza, May 31st and June 1st, 2024

Friday, May 31st, 2024 "The MacDonald Safety Corridor Protocol, Level 1".  Chiropractic adjusting through a polyvagal lens.  Learn enhancements that help nervous system regulation.  This enhancement is suitable as a compliment to any Chiropractic adjusting technique. 

• Saturday, June 1st, 2024, "The Polyvagal Shift".  Learn how to practically apply the polyvagal theory and Chiropractic principles to create a safe healing environment in your office.  This is for both Doctors and CAs.  We will cover, first visits, report of findings, regular visits, boundaries, leadership development, patient education, and self/co-regulation in the office. 


Join Our Group Mentoring Program Called The Informed Chiropractor.

This group mentoring program helps Chiropractors grow their practices by informing them about business and personal development, adjusting techniques, and The Polyvagal theory.

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What others have said

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"My practice has grown by 20-30% since joining. But that’s not WHY I joined, nor is it the BEST part. I joined to enjoy practice more, gain confidence in my communication and add functional testing. What I got is way more ease in my schedule, way more flow in my adjusting, a better understanding of my patient's needs, and an understanding of why valuing and prioritizing MY vitality has shifted my practice. All without changing a single procedure, just changing how I show up and serve each and every day."

Dr. Pip Penrose Young, Stratford, Ontario


Join Us at One of Our Live Events!

March 16th, Saskatoon: The Polyvagal Shift

May 4th, Denver level 1 "The MacDonald Safety Corridor Protocol."

May 31/June 1 Sydney, Australia Level 1 and the Polyvagal Shift

June 22nd, Level 3 in Edmonton"The MacDonald Safety Corridor Protocol"

October 5th, Denver Level 2, "The MacDonald Safety Corridor Protocol."

October 26th, Montreal Level 3, "The MacDonald Safety Corridor Protocol"

November 16th Windsor, England Level 2, "The MacDonald Safety Corridor Protocol"

December 7th, Toronto, Canada, The Chiropractic Polyvagal Super Conference 

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You're in good company

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"The key to moving our practice from one that was stuck and stagnant to one that is growing and thriving has been the vitality shift. The vitality shift got us moving and the vitality engine keeps us moving. The vitality engine has helped us develop our skills to communicate & practice congruently in a vitalistic manner. We’ve never been happier or more fulfilled in practice."

Dr. John and Marie Osborne, Ireland

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"Since joining the Vitality Engine my personal practice has increased by 40% from a time when I thought I was full. Gentle advice on top of excellent lessons and monthly tutorials have enabled me to edge my practice forward past where any of us ever thought possible. Receipts are up, referrals are up and results are up."

Dr. Donald Francis, Scotland, UK

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