Bouncing Back After COVID with Brandi MacDonald

Jul 06, 2021
On today’s show, Dr. Don is once again joined by his wife Brandi MacDonald, who is also co-owner of South Side Chiropractic in Edmonton. Today, Dr. Don and Brandi discuss adapting to your environment, what’s changed in their office since lockdown, and the 3 keys to bouncing back after COVID.

It’s been a year since lockdown began, and now with restrictions lifting, Dr. Don and Brandi agree that it’s a great time to look at what’s next. How are you going to position yourself and your practice to bounce back? It takes adaptability, self-awareness, self-regulation, and keeping distractions at bay to be able to adapt and continue to grow.

Brandi begins by discussing state management and how you can utilize it to adapt to the new way of doing things after lockdown. She goes on to discuss why we get distracted and how to maintain focus, also talking about deliberate practice and how it improves your skills. To end the episode, Dr. Don and Brandi discuss how the people they have been working with over the last year have been implementing the 3 keys and constantly striving for improvement.


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