People-pleasing with Dr. Marie Osborne

Jul 06, 2021

On today’s show, Dr. Don is joined by Dr. Marie Osborne. Dr. Marie runs Osborne Chiropractic with her husband John in Tipperary, Ireland. A member of the Shift Re-Wire Mastermind program, Dr. Marie returns to the podcast to update us on her practice and personal wellbeing.

Dr. Marie tells us about how her practice has been these days and how she has been continuing to strive for progression personally and in business. She discusses overcoming her people-pleasing nature to live her truth and how she has worked to shed beliefs that don’t serve. Doing the internal work is uncomfortable, but necessary, in order to progress and grow.

Many places are beginning to re-open and no longer have lockdown orders in effect. Dr. Marie tells us how they have adjusted their space to meet guidelines and continue to provide access to care. Protecting your mental space is paramount with everything going on, but how do you do that and continue to work?

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